Olympia Ocean Carriers pays the utmost attention to the efficient running of each individual vessel's planned maintenance system. All crew members not only have the appropriate training and full understanding of the vessel's maintenance system according to manufacturers and classification society requirements, but can also manage the appropriate documentation, mandatory as per ISM.

The department's personnel make frequent visits on board all the vessels, to access and monitor their performance and physical condition. With the well established planned and detailed maintenance programmes on board, and by keeping in close contact with the Master and the Crew of each vessel it is ensured that all the company's instructions and guidelines are strictly followed. Thus, Olympia's long standing policy of keeping each vessel in well above average condition, is achieved.

The department also maintains continuous contact and personal relationships with major dockyards around the world enabling us to provide expert supervision, whilst reducing costs of major repairs, routine dockings, lay-up and reactivation, and conversions and major refits. All such activities are closely monitored and regulated by budget compliance and time-frame compliance.

Ship Inspections

Olympia Ocean Carriers are highly regarded for thorough, comprehensive and professional surveys and inspections.
Our detailed and reliable reports composed by our top superintendents, assist our principals in making solid sale and purchase decisions.

New Buildings

Olympia ocean carriers  offers our principals full new building supervision. Services include pre-contract assistance in terms of negotiation of specifications and manufacturers as well as approval of plans.
We also provide supervision of construction, as well as preparing cost and progress reports, commissioning and evaluation of sea trials, and guarantee and claims handling.


The purchasing department at Olympia Ocean Carriers work closely with all major suppliers of paints, chemicals, and lubricants. Individual contracts and various discount agreements allow Olympia Ocean Carriers to offer our principals the most competitive prices, whilst at the same time ensuring that these items are readily available and are shipped to the vessels on schedule.
Ship’s requisitions for spare parts are also evaluated, ordered and shipped to the vessel by the company’s experienced purchasing department. Our superintendants have long-standing relationships with a large number of suppliers, and quotations are taken and evaluated from numerous suppliers for each order.